Remember Why You Started: Shab Ferdowsi

Photo by Shab Ferdowsi
Do you remember why you started a project or decided to pursue a dream? Thinking about why you are dedicating your time and efforts for a single goal can help maintain your drive and passion for whatever first popped into your head when you began reading this. 
I (hey, it's Jenay here) love to hear about why people do what they do, whether it's a hobby or job. Everyone has a different reason, varying from "It pays the bills" to "I can't imagine doing anything else."
I asked a handful of Hours Lost supporters to remember why they first wanted to be a musician, a photographer, a film maker, a model, and so on.
Shab Ferdowsi is one of the most inspiring people I know in Los Angeles. She also happens to be a great friend of mine and the photographer who shot our Spring and Summer 2015 lookbooks. In her own words below, she shares why she started her music blog and DIY event collective, Beating Lights
Photo by Alex Gurley
I started Beating Lights during the summer of 2013 as a means to collaborate with more musicians. Simply put, I started Beating Lights to shoot more bands. Over the past two years, the vision and mission have grown into what the brand is now: a music blog and DIY event collective aiming to foster creativity, facilitate collaboration and create a community. 
As a creative, the main roadblock is always finding other people who are as excited as you are about what you're doing. So for BL, it's been tough building a collective of artists and friends who are committed to the brand and the community: getting people out to shows, getting people to listen, to care, to support. I've learned to just power through it. Keep keeping on, as they say. With time and perseverance, you will start finding people who are on the same wavelength as you. 
To be honest, I had no vision for what I wanted BL to be when I started. The vision has been shaping itself as we go. Nevertheless, the one underlying note that has been running through everything I've been doing in 2015 has been the idea of creating a space where people can connect. Connect creatively and emotionally, connect to collaborate, and connect to simply create new relationships. Remembering why I do what I do makes each new project (whether it's an event or a blog post) that much better and more meaningful.

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