Remember Why You Started: Kenzo Cardenas

Photo by Shab Ferdowsi
For part IV of our Remember Why You Started series, we have Kenzo Cardenas, the drummer of Los Angeles-based indie band Kid Cadaver. Kenzo and I first met at my apartment in Echo Park for our "Life's Too Short" photo shoot with my friend and photographer Shab, who booked him. Shab had worked with Kid Cadaver before and thought Kenzo's look would be perfect for the spring shoot. She was right. The shoot was a part of the Hours Lost relaunch, which included a new color scheme of blue and green jewel tones. Kenzo has blue and green hair, so it was a perfect match. During the last four to five months, I've become a huge supporter of his band (go download their new EP "Roam" for free!) and I'm grateful to have Kenzo as a part of our family. Read below to learn how he got his start in music. 
I was in 6th grade and I bought my first CD, Sum 41 (my first purchase was actually Shaggy but no need to go back). I started really getting into music by 7th grade. I asked for a drum set for Christmas that year. I went downstairs in the middle of the night and didn't see any drums. The following Xmas I asked for drums again, this time it was real life. Thanks parents. I started a band the next year with my best friends in high school. It was a crappy hardcore band. We would pretty much practice four to five times a week. Now looking back, my family probably hated me. Thanks again.
As I went through line up changes in my first band, then genre changes, then a whole new band, it was hard finding the right cohesive group of peeps that totally clicked. Don't get me wrong, some of my best friends to this day were in my band and they were totally in it. It's just hard being on the same page with other dudes and dudettes. I also really got into forensics. I wanted to be a detective or CSI. I hope to do that one day. Detective in the day, drummer by night...yeah rolls off the tongue real smooth. 
My inspiration never came from a single artist or drummer. I always downloaded full live concerts on Limewire and would study them. I still collect CDs to this day. I saw Kate Nash at the Fonda and she played a song that made me cry. I've never felt that. I want to inspire other people. That's my inspiration. It's not about me, it's what you feel that inspires me. Everyone should pick up an instrument. Maybe not. I won't tell you how to live your life.
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