Summer 2015: Lookbook

When you have a dream, think about why you are passionate about it. Your passion will fuel your motivation to put in the time and effort that is needed to surpass mediocrity. Nurture your ideas, lay the foundation for your own path, and never stop learning at least one new thing a day. It's your responsibility to pull together resources to make your dream work. 
You will come across a few bumps and delays. You may even feel completely lost and spiral into a rut. Rather than panic, reevaluate your plan. It could be time for a new approach, or maybe you're not as passionate about your dream, and that's OK. People change, along with their interests. 
Remember why you started. There is always a reason why something or someone ignited a spark in you. Rediscover the reason and move forward, or be honest with yourself and move on. 

Dreams Work v-neck | Remember Why tank


Anna Schulze
Singer-songwriter and DJ

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Austin Kearns

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Moses Farrow
Singer and guitarist for Seablood

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Antonia Wise


Meet The Photographer

Shabnam Ferdowsi // Beating Lights
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Shab runs Beating Lights, a music blog and community for content creation and event production. Beating Lights focuses on local, independent musicians in Los Angeles.